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Jurong Health Services Intranet Portal

We developed an Intranet portal developed to support and facilitate the JHS staff with their daily work. This portal serves as central location where all staff can obtain the information they require at their convenience.

JHS Intranet

JHS is an Intranet portal developed to support and facilitate the JHS staff with their daily work by allowing them to easily access information necessary for their daily work. An example was the Nursing Roster which we developed for the JHS intranet. All staff of JHS would need to login to the intranet to retrieve their weekly rosters. Previously, the nurses had to obtain a hardcopy of their weekly rosters from the head nurse, or an email would be sent to them on a weekly basis. Workflow could be improved upon by simply creating a central location where all staff could obtain the information they wanted at their convenience. Apart from the above, the system we developed enabled all photos and images taken from JHS events or workshops to be uploaded in the JHS intranet. This would benefit their Corporate Communications department in that, they had a central repository of images that were easily accessible for their use in publishing a write up or newsletter regarding those events. Staff could access the photos from the photo gallery in the intranet. Prior to this, Corporate Communications personnel would have to look for the specific person in charge of the event to obtain the necessary information and photos. Workflow was thus improved: the person in charge would upload the photos in the photo gallery directly, once the event was concluded. As JHS was going through a corporate revamp which saw the following hospitals grouped under a single JHS cluster consisting of Alexandra Hospital, Jurong Medical Centre, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital. To facilitate the corporate revamp, the design of portal structure had to be 'extendable' meaning we could add new corporate information as well as group specific information. The design had to be a common interface and at the same time there needed to be a subtle difference so the staff would know the difference in the content. Thus our navigation structure had common corporate information and specific group information. All the resource information had been designed in such a way that the resources could be shared across. The challenge we faced in designing the site was that we needed to cater for the fact that even though the different hospitals were brought under a single administration, certain policies and content specific to a single hospital had to be hidden from users viewing information on the other hospitals within the cluster so as not to confuse the users. A customized staff directory was also developed for the JHS intranet portal to allow staff to search for the users from different hospitals, the main and common information is being pulled from the various sources by integrating with their various systems to provide a single common interface for the staff to access the information.