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MCCY - YOUTH.SG Internet Website

We developed a new website for MCCY Youth Division that incorporated Blogging features and user customizable templates. This site also included member features such as a Rewards & Points scheme for blog contributors.


The purpose of this project was to develop a new website for  MCCY Youth Division The purpose of this portal was to build a community portal amongst the youth and allow MCCY to better communicate and liaise with them as well as allowing the Youth to express themselves.

Main design concept for this website was to make it more of a life style portal with an online magazine look and feel rather than a Corporate Site.

Extensive research and focus group studies were conducted amongst the target audience to determine the kind of look and feel that would entice them as well as the feature and functionalities.

The main feature of this site is the Blogging feature which allowed users to contribute their ideas and stories. As the bulk of the content would come from the users rather than MCCY. The solution allowed users to input the content the way they wanted to as well as allowing them to upload and edit the images that were to be tied to the content. We also created customizations to allow users to select the template style that best suited their content.

Other features in this site include a Rewards & Points scheme for contributors. Top rated content would have greater reward points. Users could then use the points to redeem attractive gifts