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NHG Pharmacy Corporate and Ecommerce Portal

We revamped the Internet Website of the NHG Pharmacy to provide E-Commerce Services, include new modules and features and incorporate social media platforms to reach out their target audience.


This project was to revamp the Internet Website of the National Health Care Group Pharmacy Department which also included E-Commerce Services. This included the redesign the website with a new look and feel, a restructure of their content for ease of navigability and a new platform for the public to purchase products online.

Requirements gathering was done to understand the type of content that will be published in the website. Once we had done a content stock take, we proposed a new site structure so the corporate information and the database of products tagged are grouped correctly. Once the navigation design has been confirmed, the usability design and the aesthetics were developed to fully support the target audience’s browsing pattern.

For the online shopping cart we had to develop a custom module to support the specific requirements of the users so the system can support features such as promotion codes, group discounts and voucher redemption. Apart from shopping cart module, there are other features such as prescription filling module, so members of public can request to top up their prescription medicine and the NHG Pharmacy can confirm and make the necessary delivery. The online payment for the shopping cart feature is integrated with the E-Nets application.

To support online query, we included a “Ask the Pharmacist” module, to allow the public to enter their queries online, which will be stored in the database thus allowing the website administrator to review the query and reply accordingly. Once the queries have been answered, this will be updated in the website as part of the FAQ content.

Other features in this website that has been custom developed includes; membership module, online calendar and event registration, Course registration, social media tools, Pharmacy locator and feedback features. The information provided and the online shopping cart has been successfully implemented and accepted by the users, as this can be clearly seen from the web traffic report. The number of users visiting the website has increased significantly as well.