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Hosting Services

While our main emphasis is on application development, we do understand that not all our clients may have their own data centre to deploy their projects, as such we do provide hosting services as one of our value adds.

Hosting Services

SIMSYS Products are developed in our in-house dedicated hosting Development Environment for our clients’ review and testing. We also provide Hosting Data Centre services for our clients production and even staging needs using our Partner Data Centre Hosting Services.  Depending on our Clients needs we provide various configurations and services.

All our hosting solutions come with the various services such as

  • 42U Rack Space Allocation
  • Controlled Cold data centre environment
  • Dual 16A cee-form power source
  • 2 x 16 Amp Cee-form 11 way power strip
  • 1.8kW Power Supply per Rack
  • High Speed Network Gateway Connectivity
  • Network Monitoring Site scope
  • Network Bandwidth Monitoring
  • 24x7 Fully Air-Condition Environment
  • 24x7 Secured Monitored Surveillance Environment
  • Redundant Power
  • SLA of 99.5% for availability

About SIMSYS Hosting Services

Hosting ServicesNeed to know how to setup your IT environment?

We can help you to decide on what kind of server to procure, what network infrastructure best suits your organization, and help you to implement a IT solution that will meet your future expansion needs and growth.

We understand that each client has a unique and different IT infrastructure set up and environment. Harnessing on our experience working in different environments (ranging from Datacenters to Enterprise Server Rooms to SOHO setups) we will assist in ensuring that our solutions are designed specifically with your set up in mind.

We specialize in WinTel (Windows/Intel) Architecture Solutions ranging from Microsoft Solutions for Operating Systems, Microsoft SQL and Oracle Database Solutions, and Sun Java Web Services, over a wide range of Intel/AMD Servers and Client Architectures.

Hosting Overview

Hosting ServicesSIMSYS offers a range of flexible yet robust Enterprise Level Internet Hosting Environment Services that are designed and catered to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our Web Based Hosting Environment is capable of supporting a variety of Web Based Application developments such as Microsoft .NET framework 1.1/2.0/3.0 Applications and Sun Java Enterprise Development Framework (JAVA/JSP/APPLETS) over several Database platforms from Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database Server and MYSQL.

Our Web Server Configurations are based on Advanced N-Tier Architecture to offer the best security and protection available. We also provide Advanced Hardware Firewall and Security Appliances/Software along with our Harden Servers as part of our Hosting Package.

At our Data Centres, we provide Hardware Maintenance Support, Fully Air-Conditioned Environment, Backup Electricity Support (via Diesel Generators), 24 Hrs Security Surveillance and Monitoring as well as a host of other professional services that you would expect

At SIMSYS we have robust and flexible Infrastructure setup.  The above diagram provides a general overview of our typical Hosting Setups (however this may be configurable) to suit the demands of our clients.

Additional optional features and value added services include;

  1. SMTP Mail Delivery Services
  2. SMS/MMS Short Message Delivery Services
  3. High Availability Services
  4. Hardware Redundancy
  5. Facility Management Support