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Implementation Services

At SIMSYS we place a high regard on Implementation,as such we value add by providing a wide range of services to ensure that your project is installed and implemented correctly, optimally and securely.

Implementation Services

Implementation Services

Our Implementation Service ensures the quality of products and services with a comprehensive set of user requirement verification and user acceptance testing. For product deployments, we ensure the smooth operation of the delivered products through professional setup and configuration.

Infrastructure Setup and Deployment

Our Qualified System Engineers assist in setting up all ground-level equipment to ensure that the infrastructure meets user requirements and are set up and configured for smooth and optimal operation. We currently specialize in WinTel (Windows/Intel) Architecture Solutions ranging from Microsoft Solutions for Operating Systems, Microsoft SQL and Oracle Database Solutions, and Sun Java Web Services over a wide range of Intel/AMD Server and Client Architectures.

Software and Application Development

Our Professional System and Software developers create solutions to meet your specifications. We specialize in Content Management Systems, Customer Relationship Management Systems, Inventory and Sales Management Systems, and Logistics Management Systems over a wide variety of platforms. Our strengths are in Microsoft Software Development Solutions such as VB.NET, ASP.NET, Microsoft .NET Web Services as well as Sun Java Development Suites for both Web Applications and Server Service Applications. We also provide solutions based on third-party applications.

Security Services

The need for security and how important data protection is in this digital age is more important than ever for our customers. We believe in the core Principles of Information Security - Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. Then there is also the need to keep data traffic secure and confidential. Our prime aim is ensuring all your services and security measures are available without any performance degradation or compromise.

We provide a wide range of security solutions ranging from Hardware Level Security such as SSL and IPSEC to Software Application Security using Private and Public Key Encryption Technology with Digital Signatures. We deploy our security solutions based on Industry Trusted Standards such as RSA and AES for Implementations.

Solution Configuration, Customization, Setup and Installation

Part of our Complete Solution package is to ensure the smooth operation of the developed product in your environment. To ensure this, our team of Developers and System Engineers provide On-Site Technical Setup, Installation and Deployment of our products and services along with Technical Documentation for true peace-of-mind deployment.

Project Management Services

We take pride and responsibility in our work and believe that the success of any project stems from how well the project is managed. Whether it’s time management or client relations management, our team of Project Managers are there to manage your IT project and ensure a positive experience in customer satisfaction.

Maintenance Services

Besides development and installation, we also understand the important of maintenance plans. Most of our solutions come with a 1-year warranty as well as options for further enhancement.

Online Support Service and On-Site Support Services

At Simple Solution Systems, we believe in the rapid resolution of problems. We provide various points-of-contact such as online technical help and telephone support. We also provide on-site support services where necessary..

Value Added Services

For all our projects and solutions, we try to add value by sharing our experience not only in technical elements but also design knowledge in terms of applications.

Application Design refers to how the IT solution is laid out in a usable and friendly way. It is important to recognize how users navigate through applications so as to tune the user experience. Many of today’s IT solutions are designed in a System-Centric fashion whereby developed systems require the users to understand proprietary complexities, rather than being based on User-Centric designs. We strongly believe that an IT solution’s success hinges on your ability to use it – a system’s design must understand the requirements of users.