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It's easy to do an Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) blast to your target audience, but exactly how successful is it? SIMSYS EDM Tracker is designed to assist you and your organization in tracking and generating EDM statistics.

Simsys EDM Tracker

EDM Tracker

The SIMSYS EDM Tracker is an ideal tool for any organization which requires statistics and analytics to determine the success of their Electronic Direct Mailers (EDM) that have been sent out to their target audience. Paired up with our SIMSYS EDM Blasting Tool (details coming soon!) which will allow you to blast Newsletters via Email, SIMSYS EDM Tracker will assist you in determining the pattern usage of the EDMs that have been sent to  recipients.

With SIMSYS EDM you can determine the following:

  • Sent failures - Bounced Email Addresses that are no longer in use and can be removed in subsequent Blasts
  • The various "hot spots" or hyperlinks within the Email Newsletter or content that the recipient clicks on
  • How many people have opened the email
  • How many of these click or email reads are repeated
  • Determine the success rates of your newsletter by comparing the total sent vs the total reads
  • Many more customizable statistics

Contact us to find out more on SIMSYS EDM Tracker and how it can serve your and your organization today.