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At SIMSYS we believe in value for your investments which is why we use Microsoft Windows® Small Business Servers to maximize your employee productivity and enhancing your customer communications.

SBSWith limited time and resources Server technology can simplify and enhance your daily activities while saving you time and money. At SIMSYS we believe in value for your investments which is why we use Microsoft Windows® Small Business Servers to maximize your employee productivity and enhancing your customer communications.

What is Microsoft Windows Server Small Business Edition?

Windows Small Business Server is an award-winning Small Business product from Microsoft, providing new features to address the growing needs of small businesses

Keep Your Business Up and Running: SBS helps secure your network, keep it up and running, and protect your business information, allowing you to spend more time focusing on your business and less time and money on technology issues.

Do More with Less: SBS offers the technology and tools to help you run your business more efficiently, improve employee productivity, and reduce costs.

Connect with Customers: SBS helps you communicate in new ways and take better care of your customers by providing tools that help you stay more connected, look and interact more professionally, and manage your customer relationships more effectively.

What you can expect from SIMSYS Small Business Solution

Domain Security Control And Remote Access: Control and organize your business and manage your resources more efficiently and effectively. Centralize and manage your organization security while still maintaining efficiency and provide remote access for your users

Collaboration and Document Management: Manage and organize your business documents and projects. Share Documents and k eep your business organized and controlled with Sharepoint Services/ Microsoft Sharepoint provides a centralized one stop portal for your people to collaborate and work efficiently.

Enterprise Email via Exchange: Manage and organize your business emails and contacts. Increase your staff productivity with Web Mail Access or Outlook Access to send/receive emails, manage events and contacts and a lot more

What SIMSYS has Install for you

The SIMSYS Small Business Server Solution Package Comes With the Following

  • SIMSYS Hardware Business Server

  • Basic Network Infrastructure Setup

  • Server File Anti-Virus and Email Anti-Virus

  • Microsoft Windows Small Business Sever Standard Setup with 1 Server License

  • Windows Domain Controller Setup

  • Domain Services Setup such as DNS and DHCP Service Installation

  • Microsoft Exchange Email Setup

  • Microsoft Sharepoint Setup (No Portal Configuration)

  • User Account Creation for up to 10 users

  • Remote Access (VPN) with Routing and Access Setup and Configuration

  • Onsite Delivery, Installation, Configuration and Setup

  • 12 Month Hardware Warranty

For additional details please click here for more information.

Terms and Conditions

The SIMSYS Small Business Server Package is a robust and complete solution, for full features to be implement, the following requirement(s) may be required and are not part of the package

  • Internet Connection (Connection Type Requirements Varies depending on configuration and is not part of package )
  • Domain Name Registration and Domain Management
  • Network Infrastructure Setup and Configuration (This include but not limited to; Router, Firewall, LAN Switch, PC Setup etc)
  • Environment Requirements for Server (such as Rack, Rack Mounting, Air-Con etc)
  • Client Access License (CAL) for Windows Server ( comes with standard 5 user only )
  • The Small Business Package Setup is suitable for a single site location for approx 20~30 users. Hardware sizing may differ from different locations
  • Basic Infrastructure Varies from site to site and is limited and does not include cabling please check request for an on site visit for more details
  • Price package only includes baseline items, price of hardware may differ depending on system configuration requirements
  • Setup of Domain Access and Security is baseline to Microsoft Initial Access Control Configuration
  • DNS, DHCP and RAS with VPN configuration and setup it limited to default configuration and setup.
  • Sharepoint Service Setup is only limited to baseline out of the box installation no customization or project creation
  • Exchange Setup is only up to baseline installation no configuration, rules or mapping is included
  • Most components and services are customizable for different organization needs however changes may incur additional service charges


    To find out more on how SIMSYS Small Business Server Solutions can benefit your organization Contact Us for more information.