• Mobile Application Development

      Mobile Application Development

      - IOS Applications
      - Android Application
      - Mobile Application Conceptual Design
      - Mobile Interface and Integration with Internet/Intranet Applications
      - Custom Turn Key Applications

    • User Centric Design

      User Centric Design

      - KM and IA Integration
      - Business Processes
      - Workflow Integration
      - Usability Engineering
      - Graphical Conceptual Designs
      - Research
      - Focus Groups
      - Prototyping

    • Custom Application Development

      Custom Application Development

      - Custom Portal Development
      - Custom Turn Key Application Development
      - Application Integration
      - Third Party Interfaces

    • Maintenance Services

      Maintenance Services

      - Application Maintenance
      - Hardware Maintenance
      - Onsite Hardware Support
      - Telephone Support

    • Business & Marketing Solutions

      Business & Marketing Solutions

      - Web Content Management Implementation
      - E-Commerce Systems
      - Social Media Integration and Implementation
      - Search Engine Optimization
      - Payment Gateway Integration
      - Electronic Mailers
      - Web Analytics

    • Enterprise Solutions

      Enterprise Solutions

      - Intranet/Internet Portals
      - Application Integration
      - Third Party Application Interface Integration
      - Custom Enterprise Resource Portal Development and Integration

    • Consultation Services

      Consultation Services

      - Tender Write Ups
      - Requirements Analysis and Write Ups
      - Change Management*
      - Information Architecture Design*
      - Knowledge Management*
      - Project Management

    • Cloud Computing & Infrastructure

      Cloud Computing & Infrastructure

      - Portal Hosting
      - Email Solutions
      - SMS Notification
      - Secured Services
      - Virtual Private Networks
      - Windows AD
      - File and NAS Servers
      - Firewall and Router Configurations
      - Network Setup
      - Hardware Setup
      - CCTV*

    Simple Ideas

    Simple Ideas

    At SIMSYS, we are constantly seeking to find new and innovative solutions for our customers' IT needs. Take a look at some of our innovative ideas and solution services that may suit your organization's needs.

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    At SIMSYS, we have successfully delivered over 100 projects in the last 5 years ranging from Internet Portals to Enterprise Intranet Solutions and Custom Turnkey Applications.

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    Besides being an End to End Solutions provider, SIMSYS also develops business productivity improvement tools that is cost effective and deployable in a wide range of commercial and public sector environments.

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    At SIMSYS, we provide a wide range of Solution services ranging from Infrastructure Setups, Third Party Application Installation and Configuration, to Turn-Key Application Solutions. See how SIMSYS can help you today.

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